HydroCarbon Resins


HydroCarbon Resins is fully hydrogenated, water-white, hydrocarbon resin derived from petrochemical c5 cyclic feedstocks. This resin is especially designed as tackifier in hot melt adhesives based on EVA copolymers and SIS block copolymers requiring excellent color retention upon aging. It is widely used in hotmelt adhesives and PSA.

Application :

Hotmelt Adhesives Paper, PSA, Bookbinding, Packaging tapes.

Product code :


Packaging :

25 kgs net kraft paper bag.

Shelf Life :

12 months from the date of supply.

PropertiesSpecificationTest Based on
Softening Point ( R & B,°C )97-108°CASTM E28
Colour (50% Toluene, Hazen)<50ASTM D1209
Color Stability(200°C, 5hrs, Ga#)<1ASTM D1544
Melt Viscosity (160°C) mPassMax. 1200ASTM D3236
Melt Viscosity (180°C) mPassMax. 350ASTM D3236
Acid Value (KOHmg/g)<0.1ASTM D974